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About Us

    Ancorgreen is the only incubator of the general technology platform for microelectronics and optoelectronics industry of the Institute of advanced technology, University of science and technology of China. The company is committed to the research and commercial application of agricultural optoelectronics and precise control of artificial climate environment. It takes the leading service provider of plant intelligent lighting solutions at home and abroad as the enterprise positioning, and the R & D and industry of solar spectrum control technology, led plant lighting formula technology, all kinds of controllable artificial light intelligent plant factories, artificial climate room, plant growth box, and plant fill light A high-tech enterprise that takes application as its strategic goal. 

    With Professor Liu Wen as the leader and equity as the link, the company has formed a technology R & D and management team with experts of "100 foreign experts" in Anhui Province and doctors of China University of science and technology as the core team, and has established a team of professional technology R & D and achievement transformation covering optics, electronics, chemistry, machinery, agronomy, enterprise management, marketing management, etc., laying a solid foundation for the long-term operation and development of the company It has a solid foundation. 

    The products and technologies of the project have won many honors, such as 2017 R & D100 award, gold award of Geneva invention exhibition, 10 highlights of Asia Photovoltaic Exhibition, etc. Among them, the R & D 100 award is another achievement in mainland China five years later. At present, the company has 58 patents (including 28 invention patents, 25 utility model patents and 3 international PCT patents) and a number of soft works related to intelligent lighting control, artificial environment closed-loop control, plant factory control system, etc.

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